Dean’s Message

A photograph of Michael T. Cahill (President, Joseph Crea Dean, and Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School) smiling and posing alongside students
By various measures, we have increased both the size and the quality of our incoming classes.

S MANY READERS likely know already, I announced over the summer that I will step down as dean at the end of this academic year. I have served during an especially challenging (albeit rewarding) time, and having held various administrative posts, here and elsewhere, for over a decade, it seems like a good moment to return to the faculty.

Looking back, I am very proud of all the progress the Law School has made on numerous fronts during my tenure as dean:

FACULTY. Certainly the most important and impactful legacy of my time as dean, in the short and long term, will be the outstanding additions to our faculty. The 18 full-time appointments, including 11 tenure-stream professors, have brought meaningful diversity to the faculty’s ranks and ensured the school’s ongoing vitality in the classroom, the scholarly community, and our wider society—building on historical areas of strength, such as evidence and securities, while adding expertise in areas of contemporary relevance, such as law and technology and election law.

ENROLLMENT. By various measures, we have increased both the size and the quality of our incoming classes. Key numerical credentials such as LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA have shown meaningful gains across the board each of the last three years. I am especially proud that our commitment to student diversity, and the philanthropic support of multiple donors who have made gifts creating diversity-oriented scholarships, are paying off, as 37% of this incoming class are students of color. This is believed to be an all-time record for Brooklyn Law School.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION. As we have increased the diversity of both our faculty and our student body, the Law School has also made strong commitments to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our curriculum. Karen Porter, the school’s first Associate Dean for Inclusion and Diversity, has worked tirelessly to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment, aided by the resources provided by a generous gift from Arthur Pinto and Stephen Bohlen in my first year as dean.

STUDENT SUPPORT. Even before the pandemic, students were struggling with the stresses and challenges of studying law. To address these issues and promote student well-being, the Law School invested in a relationship with TimelyMD to make online health services, including mental-health counseling, available to students around the clock and free of charge. I was inspired by, and happy to support, the student-led initiative to create our new Student Advisor and Mentorship Program, which offers academic, professional, and personal guidance, support, and mentoring to our student body.

I am sure the positive trends will continue and that the school’s best days are ahead. I look forward to having a ringside seat as we continue to rise!

Michael Cahill
Michael T. Cahill
President, Joseph Crea Dean, and Professor of Law