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THE LAW SCHOOL IS frequently in the news, with members of the faculty quoted and featured in major media outlets, providing expert commentary on critical issues in the law, business, and policy.
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April 22
“What you’ll notice when these mayors are making announcements about bail and crime is that they are not able to use statistics that link bail reform to an increase in so-called violent crime.”
—Professor Jocelyn Simonson, in a video discussing the effect of bail reform on crime.
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May 13
“As the [1984 Bernhard] Goetz case made clear, whether a person is legally justified in using deadly force in self-defense—i.e., permitted to kill another person—turns on whether he reasonably believes the other person is about to use deadly force on him.”
—Professor Cynthia Godsoe, in an op-ed on the similarities of the Daniel Penny and Goetz subway murder cases.
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June 7
“That level of uncertainty certainly harms consumers and investors, because the government isn’t sure what it can or cannot enforce.”
—Professor Miriam Baer, on this year’s Supreme Court rulings on white-collar fraud and their effect on future cases.
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July 5
“The work that people do in prison, on their own, often with very little support, to become educated, to grieve, to atone; there’s real work being done by people in these long sentences. To be able to acknowledge that and bring that to the surface is critical.”
—Professor Kate Mogulescu, on granting early release to incarcerated people under the New York State Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act.
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July 7
“It could be that the court is a little suspicious that the law makes it really easy for people to have their guns confiscated, even if they’ve not been judged to be dangerous.”
—Professor William Araiza, on the Supreme Court case centering on the intersection of gun rights and domestic violence.
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July 7
“Rent-to-own has this really sordid history. It’s an area of the housing market that remains underregulated. That’s part of the attraction for many operators.”
—Professor David Reiss, on the pitfalls homebuyers face when they turn to the rent-to-own housing market.
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July 12
“There is a possibility that the hearings today actually strengthened the PGA Tour’s bargaining position because of congressional insistence that the final, definitive agreement contains provisions that void censoring players, that ensure long-term PGA control over the sport.”
—Professor Jodi Balsam, in response to the congressional subcommittee hearing on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merger.
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July 13
“It hasn’t died in over a century. It hasn’t died in the States, where many have successfully enacted their own constitutional amendments to guarantee gender equality. On the national scale, political actors are thinking about the political times with abortion, marriage equality, and other gendered issues arising.”
—Professor Wilfred Codrington III, on the Congressional Democrats’ new push for the Equal Rights Amendment.